Foxhunting in Connecticut and Rhode Island

The members monthly meeting is Friday December 3 2021. We have 20 signed up and room for 10 more. The Meeting is at Grille 37 in Pomfret right around the corner from Tyrone Farm



The Tunheath Hunt Club is an MFHA-registered drag Fox Hunt. Tanheath hunts territories in northeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Explore the website to learn more about us, the sport of fox hunting, and the events we organize and participate in, including hunts, pleasure rides, and social events.



We welcome new friends to enjoy and share New England outdoors whether on foot or mounted on horseback.

No prior fox hunting experience necessary. We organize Intro to Foxhunting Clinic to introduce you to the sport and where you can brush up on your skills if you have hunted before elsewhere.

We strive to provide safe and enjoyable environment for riders of all levels, whether following our hounds and jumping or riding in our Tally-slow! field at a relaxed and comfortable pace.

We are serious about hunts but we also have fun. Our post-hunt tea is more like a multi-course meal than a snack and a warm beverage.