Tanheath Fee Schedule 2022

Please Note:

The new prices are in effect now for dues and events and cap fees. New subscription fees go into effect Aug-Sept with new hunt season. Those who joined in the last quarter of 2021 do not have to pay dues until 2023 but would have to new prices for cap and events. At least that is my understanding. Would send notice to all members and put in newsletter.

If mailing dues and fees please send:
Darcy Johnson
291 Quasset Road 
Pomfret Center, CT 06259

Membership Fees

Full membership  — voting, event discount $300

Intro (first year) — non-voting, event discount $150

Junior (under 21)  — non-voting, event discount $75

Social — non-voting and no event discounts $75

Huntsman $0

Honorary $0

Associate (non-rider spouse) $0

Dues are due after the first of the year and must be paid by the annual Meeting in April. If paid after April, the member does not get any discounts.

Hunting Fees

Subscription (full, intro, and junior members)

Whole season any time after August 1st $200

Individual Hunt

Full & Intro members $40

Social members and non-members $50

Junior members (under 21 years old) $30

Event Fees

Fees vary depending on the nature of the event. 

Full, intro, and junior members will have a reduced fee for an event . Social members and non-members will pay standard fees.