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Hound Show 2023 Results

    The New England Hunts Hound Show 2023 Championships
    Sunday May 21st at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT

    Congratulations to CHAMPION WINNERS

    Entry #Hound NameHunt PresentingPlacing
    Class 2 – Single Dog – Entered English
    32Norfolk MickeyNorfolk Hunt Club1
    33Norfolk MicroNorfolk Hunt Club3
    34Norfolk MischiefNorfolk Hunt Club2
    35Norfolk MinstrelNorfolk Hunt Club4
    Class 11 – Single Dog – Unentered PennMaryDel
    21Pine TarNorth Country Hounds1
    22PiedmontNorth Country Hounds2
    Class 12 – Single Dog – Entered PennMaryDel
    1Wentworth RedfordWentworth Hunt1
    4Wentworth RupertWentworth Hunt2
    3Wentworth RockoWentworth Hunt3
    2Wentworth RemyWentworth Hunt4
    Class 17 – Single Dog – Entered Crossbred
    54Tanheath ChaseTanheath Hunt Club1
    36Blue Ridge ExportNorfolk Hunt Club2
    6Wentworth AgaveWentworth Hunt3
    56Tanheath CiscoTanheath Hunt Club4
    7Wentworth AvocadoWentworth Hunt
    16North Country DylanNorth Country Hounds
    20North Country SiloNorth Country Hounds
    55Tanheath CupidTanheath Hunt Club
    Class 23 – Single Bitch – Entered English
    37Norfolk MistelNorfolk Hunt Club1
    39Norfolk MillieNorfolk Hunt Club2
    38Norfolk MidnightNorfolk Hunt Club3
    Class 28 – Single Bitch Entered – American
    15Potomac TempoNorth Country Hounds1
    41Orange County KenyaNorfolk Hunt Club2
    42Orange County PeacefulNorfolk Hunt Club3
    Class 31 – Brood Bitch – American
    26Goshen Kadence Green Mountain Hounds1
    Class 33 – Single Bitch Entered – PennMaryDel
    10Wentworth VeraWentworth Hunt1
    9Wentworth RuthWentworth Hunt2
    8Wentworth Rickie BobbieWentworth Hunt3
    19North Country RubyNorth Country Hounds4
    57De La Brooke Cindybrady (D)Tanheath Hunt Club
    Class 35 – Couple of Bitches Entered – PennMaryDel
    11Wentworth Daisy & DollopWentworth Hunt1
    Class 36 – Brood Bitch – PennMaryDel
    10Wentworth VeraWentworth Hunt1
    12Andrews Bridge Romance (D)Wentworth Hunt2
    Class 38 – Single Bitch Entered- Crossbred
    43Blue Ridge WearyNorfolk Hunt Club1
    46Old North Bridge NinaOld North Bridge Hounds2
    27Old Chatham JemGreen Mountain Hounds3
    58Tanheath CalypsoTanheath Hunt Club4
    59Tanheath CricketTanheath Hunt Club
    48Green Mountain RyanOld North Bridge Hounds
    Class 40 – Couple of Bitches Entered- Crossbred
    47Old North Bridge Nosey & Old North Bridge NeccoOld North Bridge Hounds1
    Class 41 – Brood Bitch- Crossbred
    29Sewickley Caffine (D)Tanheath Hunt Club1
    Class 42 – Spayed Single Bitch – All Breeds
    61Tanheath ChaosTanheath Hunt Club1
    49Old North Bridge DevonOld North Bridge Hounds2
    Class 43 – Champion Dog or Bitch – English
    37MistleNorfolk Hunt ClubChampion
    32MickeyNorfolk Hunt ClubReserve
    Class 44 – Champion Dog or Bitch – American
    15Potomac TempoNorth Country HoundsChampion
    26Goshen Kadence Green Mountain HoundsReserve
    Class 45 – Champion Dog or Bitch – PennMaryDel
    1Wentworth RedfordWentworth HuntChampion
    10Wentworth VeraWentworth HuntReserve
    21Pine TarNorth Country Hounds
    5North Country Hazzard (D)Wentworth Hunt
    Class 46 – Champion Dog or Bitch – Crossbred
    54Tanheath ChaseTanheath Hunt ClubChampion
    43Blue Ridge WearyNorfolk Hunt ClubReserve
    29Sewickley Caffine (D)Tanheath Hunt Club
    Class 47 – Champion Best Couple of Dogs or Bitches – All Breeds
    40Norfolk Millie & MidnightNorfolk Hunt ClubChampion
    47Old North Bridge Necco & NoseyOld North Bridge HoundsReserve
    11Wentworth Daisy & DollopWentworth Hunt
    Class 48 – Best in Show
    37Norfolk MistelNorfolk Hunt Club1
    54Tanheath ChaseTanheath Hunt Club2
    15Potomac TempoNorth Country Hounds
    1Wentworth RedfordWentworth Hunt
    Class 49 – Retired Foxhound Class
    30Green Mountain BlazerGreen Mountain Hounds1
    50Old North Bridge CocoOld North Bridge Hounds2
    29Green Mountain EarnestGreen Mountain Hounds3
    Class 50 – Pack Class
    13Rachel DuffyWentworth Hunt1
    23Paige VezinaNorth Country Hounds2
    44Steve FarrinNorfolk Hunt Club3
    Class 51 – Horn Blowing Contest
    44Steve FarrinNorfolk Hunt Club1
    13Rachel DuffyWentworth Hunt2
    62Sherri ColbyTanheath Hunt Club3
    31Meghan WelchGreen Mountain Hounds4
    23Paige VezinaNorth Country Hounds
    72Karl LiederTanheath Hunt Club
    Class 52 – Junior Handler Showmanship 6 & Under
    71 Bailey Mae HaywardNorth Country Hounds1
    67Eleanor GarandTanheath Hunt Club2
    66Orion Waldron-MurrayTanheath Hunt Club3
    Class 53 – Junior Handler Showmanship 7 – 11
    64Pippa GouldTanheath Hunt Club1
    53Lillianna LealOld North Bridge Hounds2
    68Sarah NovickNorfolk Hunt Club3
    65Wren GouldTanheath Hunt Club4
    24Hayden Harris-ReissNorth Country Hounds
    63Roanin Waldron-MurrayTanheath Hunt Club
    Class 54 – Junior Handler Showmanship 12-17
    69Mathew BarnhartNorfolk Hunt Club1
    14Calleigh RobinsonWentworth Hunt2
    70Sophie DiGregorioNorfolk Hunt Club3
    25Heron Harris-ReissNorth Country Hounds4
    Class 55 – Junior Handler Showmanship Champion
    69Mathew BarnhartNorfolk Hunt ClubChampion
    71 Bailey Mae HaywardNorth Country HoundsReserve
    64Pippa GouldTanheath Hunt Club
    NE Hunts Hound Show 2023 Results Summary


    The Annual New England Hunts Hound Show was attended by the following New England Hunt Clubs:

    Green Mountain Hounds
    Norfolk Hunt Club
    North Country Hounds
    Old North Bridge Hounds
    Tanheath Hunt Club
    Wentworth Hunt Club