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Tanheath hunts a pack of Foxhounds consisting of Pennmarydel, American Foxhound and crossbreds of these two. The Pennmarydel hound is a variety of American Foxhound hat was developed in Pennsylvania and the Eastern Shore of Maryland/Delaware in early 1900s. The breed is slower, more methodical hunting type with strong nose and a melodious, deep voice.

Originally, Tanheath was granted colors by the National Beagle Club in 1960. It hunted with a Beagle pack until 1966. The Club switched to Harriers, and then to Foxhounds.

Working with hounds

Foxhounds require regular training in order to be fit and ready for the hunt. The staff as well as other members and volunteers regularly exercise our hounds. Without their dedication and time commitment, we would have no hunts.


Our kennels are located in Franklin, CT near the Sprague land preserve. Access to the preserve gives our hounds ample space for regular training and roading exercises.